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Endodontics ....

Root canal Treatment

All about saving your Natural Teeth

Endodontics is a speciality of Dentistry that deals with diseases of the dental pulp and its supporting structures.

Endodontic Treatment is an economical way to preserve a tooth in function especially when the cost of tooth loss and replacement is so high.

Endodontics: About


An Endodontist is a dentist who has undergone extra postgraduate specialist training ( usually a minimum of 3 years ). 

Specialist training allows an Endodontist to:

  • Deal with diseases of the dental pulp and supporting structures.

  • Diagnose facial pain and related problems.

Your general dentist sometimes refers patients for consultation when the diagnosis is complicated or when treatment is more difficult than normal.

 It is important that patients understand why they require treatment, what it involves and what they can do to ensure the best possible outcome. A properly informed patient has the best chance of achieving the optimal result.

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